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Inspired… and Preserved ???

Most of us agree that all of Scripture is given by inspiration … in the original manuscripts.

But do we have God’s inspired Word without any error today?

Many today laugh at this silly notion. In fact if you take a trip to the average Christian bookstore you will not find a single book authored by anyone that believes that we possess God’s infallible Word today. But if we don’t have God’s Word, what do we have? A book that merely contains God’s Word?

After going through all of the trouble to inspire His Word, did God bother to preserve His Word? Common sense dictates that if God allowed copyist errors and other corruptions into the manuscripts over the centuries, then inspiration becomes irrelevant. Here is an article that will help you discover the answer to the question of which Bible is God’s Word: Answers concerning the KJV

Here is another, though rather lengthy, article on the relationship between inspiration and preservation: Can Verbal Plenary Inspiration Do Without Verbal Plenary Preservation?

Some think this question is not important. Please check out this web page and see what the modern translations are doing: Bible Check